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Pallas Athene Fountain
The Austrian Parliament Building
The foundation stone was laid in 1874; the building was completed in 1883.

The Athena Fountain (Pallas-Athene-Brunnen) in front of the Parliament was erected between 1893 and 1902 by Carl Kundmann, Josef Tautenhayn and Hugo Haerdlt, based on plans by Baron von Hansen. In the middle is a water basin and a richly decorated base. The four figures lying at the foot of Athena are allegorical representations of the four most important rivers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They represent at the front the Danube and Inn, in the back the Elbe and Vltava (German: Moldau) rivers. On the sides little cupids ride dolphins. The statues of the Danube, Inn, and the cupids were executed by Haerdtl, those of the Elbe and Moldau by Kundmann. The female statues above represent the legislative and executive powers of the state and were executed by Tautenhayn. They are again dominated by the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, standing on a pillar. Athena is dressed in armour with a gilded helmet, her left hand carries a spear, her right carries Nike. §

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banimals asked:

I always believed Squee is actually Johnny because of that comic in which Squee is visited by his future self. It makes sense that somewhere in imprecise science of time travel, Squee ends up stranded in the past and winds up inadvertently inflicting the psychological trauma upon his childhood self that would lead him to become a deranged serial killer. Or have I got this wrong?


Yeah, that’s pretty wrong. Don’t feel bad though, as it’s a thing I’ve heard people say pretty much from the day I started drawing Squee. I get where that comes from, but it’s not where my brain goes with the character. Squee’s just a good kid, wants to be comfortable and happy, but awful shit just goes down around him in the name of cheap laughs.

His story is entirely different from Johnny’s, however. Johnny’s always been a patsy to me, and someone who would only really be admirable on the most shallow level until you get a better sense of what he’s about. He’s sympathetic to a very short point and then the rest of him is not much better than the nonsense he obsesses over and judges with impunity.

Squee’s just a kid who has the shit luck of having him for a neighbor.

Squee’s also got a bear that absorbs every bad effect those horrible experiences would leave in him. It’s partly why Johnny has an instant dislike of Shmee. Broken folks hate being called out on their shit.

I think Squee’s gonna be alright.

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